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Help us shape the global food system of the future!

I’m concerned that food insecurity and malnutrition exists in many parts of the world despite the fact that we have enough technologies and capacity to feed everyone.

Mike Khunga, 27, Malawi

I moved to Liberia during the Ebola outbreak in 2015, where I saw the broken world of food aid. I used my background to build a Liberian-owned and operated business that produces nutritious low-cost and delicious food.

Taylor Quinn, 28, Canada

I want to raise the voices of millions of young people who can’t tell us about their needs, problems and desired solutions.


Dipty Chowdhury, 17, Bangladesh

In seeing problems coming from our food systems, I knew that progressing to better food production and consumption practices would mean positives for climate action, for biodiversity, for environmental justice and human rights.

Lana Weidgenant, 22, Brazil

I want to show the importance of planetary healthy diets and nature-based solutions as primary solutions to tackle the climate crisis. The combination of both will enable the change required for the climate, indigenous communities, and biodiversity.

Rayan Kassem, 25, Lebanon

Covid-19 uncovered a side to food systems I had not seen before, the lockdowns and travel bans severely affected import dependent countries and in the initial days of the pandemic there were lots of food shortages.


Webster Isheanopa Makombe , 21, Zimbabwe

Having my roots in a semi-arid area with high cases of malnutrition in Kenya, food was always scarce, disease and poverty were prevalent. This created an innate desire in me to ensure future generations would have access to food as a basic human right.


Maureen Muketha, 25, Kenya

Climate induced disasters are compounding the challenges of ensuring affordable, healthy, and nutritious food is on the table.

Lavetanalagi Seru, 28, Fiji

Local consumption is important - Let’s produce what we consume but also consume what we produce.

Yacine Yade, 25, Senegal

Transformation of food systems as a responsibility, not an action of choice. We need change and we will only do so by coming together and helping be that change.


Sophie Healy-Thow, 23, Ireland

Food systems are essential to achieve the climate targets and avoid a climate catastrophe. Transformation does not depend on fancy technologies but rather on reinventing indigenous practices and social rights.


Marie-Clare Graf, 24, Switzerland

I want to champion my country’s economic success into growing a healthy society with healthy eating habits; enabling and motivating more young people to act for positive change.

Huiyu Ouyang, 26, China

I pledge to build on food systems that are sustainable by implementing innovative approaches that build on and create new rules for how to grow, trade and eat food. 


Mildred Chamba Munjunga , 25, Zambia

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